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We look forward to having you as our guest.  Contact us today to get additional information about the cabins or to
make a reservation. The cabins are closed during the winter
and will reopen 17 Apr 2020.   

Make your 2020 reservations now at 2019 prices.  Initial 30% payment is not due until 1 Apr 2019.

As of 15 Oct 2019, the following 2019 nights ARE AVAILABLE.

Mariposa Cabin:  8-17 Nov

Twin Rock Cabin: 18-25 Oct, 2-10 Nov

We normally have a four night minimum stay during the summer and a three night minimum stay during the spring and fall.  Feel free to
check with us if you're wanting a two or three night reservation.  

Reservations and Payments
A minimum 30% initial payment received within 10 days after making your reservation will continue to hold your reservations.  Mail a check
to 2640 Lake Meadow Dr, Monument, CO 80132 payable to "
Vince Guthrie" or send a PayPal payment to "".  
The final payment plus the refundable security deposit are due at least 10 days prior to your arrival.  Reservations made 10 days or less
prior to arrival will need to be paid in full via PayPal within 24 hours.

Cancellation Policy
-  Cancellation made at least 45 days prior to scheduled arrival:  Full refund
-  Cancellation made 4 through 44 days prior to scheduled arrival:  A 30% cancellation fee will be charged based on the total rental rate.  
The remaining balance including the damage deposit will be refunded.     
-  Cancellation made 3 days or less prior to scheduled arrival:  No refund unless we fill your reservation with another guest

Arrival and Departure Information
We will provide you with directions and check-in information when we receive your final payment.  Contact us if you want an earlier   
check-in or later check-out time to confirm availability.    
- Mariposa Check-in:  2 pm or later.  Check-out: 10 am or earlier.
- Twin Rocks Check-in: 4 pm or later.  Check-out: 10 am or earlier.

Other Cabin Details - Feel free to call or email us, if you need help with anything during your stay

Cabin Cleaning and Security/Damage Deposit:
  We thoroughly clean the cabin between guests.  The rates do not include daily maid
service. We ask that guests leave everything as they found it for others to enjoy.  Please clean the dishes prior to departure. Additional
charges may apply and will be taken out of the security deposit to cover any excessive cleaning costs, unfair wear and tear, unauthorized
guests or pets, and smoking inside.  Please contact us if you notice any issues at the cabin that need our attention. The damage deposit,
excluding any charges, will be refunded within 7 days after your departure.

Phone, Wi-Fi and TV Service:  There is normally a strong enough cell signal (one or two bars) for most cell phone service providers at  
the cabins.  The cabins have free Wi-Fi.  The Mariposa cabin has HD cable TV service.  The Twin Rocks cabin has streaming access to
movies, music, and several TV channels through the Roku 3 player.  The Twin Rocks cabin does not have cable or satellite TV service.
Both cabins have a bluray/DVD player with a few movies.

Linens:  The rates include bed, bathroom and kitchen linens. Four through eight sets of towels will be provided depending on the
number of guests and length of stay.  

Kitchen:  The kitchen at each cabin is fully equipped and includes dishes, pots, pans, utensils, a coffee pot, coffee, toaster, full size
fridge, stove, and microwave.  Neither cabin has a garbage disposal or dishwasher.  

Bathroom and Laundry:  Soap, shampoo and a blow dryer are provided.  The bathroom has a smaller shower at both cabins.   An
ironing board and iron are provided.  The Twin Rocks cabin has a full size washer and dryer.  Please do not overload the washer or dryer.

Climate:  The Pikes Peak Region is famous for its mild, dry climate.  With an average of 246 days of sunshine per year you’ll need
sunscreen and a hat.  You’ll also want to drink plenty of water.  The Mariposa cabin is at an altitude of 7820 feet and the Twin Rocks
cabin is at an altitude of 8940 feet.  These higher altitudes have cooler summer weather than lodging at lower elevations in Colorado
Springs.  During June, July, and August the average high temperatures at the cabins will normally range between 70F-85F, while the
evening low temperatures will normally fall between 48F-55F.  High temperatures at the cabin will normally range between 60F-72F in
May, September, and October, while the evening low temperatures will normally drop between 35F-45F.  The temperatures can change
quickly, so keep a jacket handy.

Cabin Heating and Cooling:  The cabins have fans when you need a cooling breeze.  Due to the mild and dry summer climate, our
cabins and other cabins in the area do not have air conditioning.  At the Mariposa cabin turn on the small gas heater or the portable
electric heaters when you want to warm things up.  At the Twin Rocks cabin turn on the baseboard electric heaters or the enjoy the wood
burning fireplace (wood provided) when it's chilly.

Pets: If you're interested in bringing your pet, contact us to obtain our approval, the requirements, and pet fee information.  Lucy, our lab,
loves her visits to the cabins. A minimum $100 charge will be taken from the securuty deposit for any unauthorized pets.    

Wildlife:  It's not uncommon to see deer, raccoons, foxes, black bears and other wildlife at the cabins.  The best way to enjoy the wildlife
is to do so with as little disturbance to the animal as possible.   Be alert for deer when driving, especially at night. Do not feed any
animals.   Keep all trash secured in the cabin or in the shed.  If you encounter a black bear stay calm, back away slowly, avoid eye
contact, and do not shout.  We have very few bugs that bite at the cabins.  Normally, you won't need any bug repellent.

Wildfires and Smoking:  Please help prevent forest fires.  Both cabins are located in extreme fire danger areas.  Surrounding areas
have experienced large forest fires within the past decade.  NO open fires, charcoal grills, fireworks, or candles.  Both cabins have a
propane BBQ grill.  Do not leave the propane grill unattended when it's being used.  After using the grill, please turn the propane off and
clean the grill to help avoid attracting bears.  When smoking outside PLEASE put ashes and butts in the provided can.  NO smoking
inside.   A minimum $100 charge will be assessed for any smoking that occurs inside the cabin.  

Neighbors:  Please respect the peace and quiet of your neighbors, especially between 10pm and 8am.  Feel free to walk on the public
streets near the cabin, but do not trespass onto neighboring private property.  Visit or browse through some of the trail
maps at the cabin to find great public places to hike in the area.

Parking: The Mariposa cabin has on street parking for one vehicle only.   At the Twin Rocks cabin when there's a chance of a spring or
fall snow, we recommend that guests have an all wheel drive or 4-wheel drive vehicle to get up the driveway.

Hot Tub: The Twin Rocks Cabin has a hot tub.  We will do our best to provide a clean hot tub between each stay.  Please shower prior to
using the hot tub to help keep the hot tub water clean for the next guest.  If there's a problem with the hot tub, call, email or text us.  There
are potential health and safety risks associated with the use of a hot tub.  Use the hot tub at your own risk. The hot tub is for relaxing
only. NO children under the age of 12 are permitted in the hot tub without an adult.  NO food or glass containers are allowed in the hot
tub. NO jumping or playing in the hot tub. DO NOT sit or stand on the hot tub cover.  Hot tub covers are for insulation purposes and are
not designed to hold any weight.  Use the lifter to easily remove the hot tub cover (how to remove cover video:
com/watch?v=njCz32kHgYU).  Remember to unclip the cover straps when removing the cover.  Keep the cover closed and straps clipped
when you are not using the hot tub.  A $30 fee will assessed against the security deposit, if a guest leaves the hot tub dirty and it has to
be drained, cleaned and refilled for the next guest.  The security deposit will be used to repair any damage to the hot tub or its cover that
the guest causes.

Septic System: Both cabins have a septic system that digests waste biologically.  Septic systems will clog up if improper materials or
liquids are flushed. Only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed.  DO NOT put feminine products, diapers, paper towels, wet
wipes, "flushable" wet wipes, grease or chemicals down the drain.

Water: The water is safe to drink at both cabins.  The Twin Rocks cabin has a well that has a sufficient water recharge rate to support
domestic inside water use only. Please conserve water.  If the water flow slows down, wait a couple hours until the well has a chance to
recharge itself with water.  The Mariposa cabin has city water service.

Safety:  Please be safe during your stay.  There are inherent risks with being in the mountains.  Guests are responsible for their own
safety.  Don't rush, have a good plan, and don't be afraid to ask for help.  We have done our best to provide a safe cabin experience.
The cabins are equipped with functioning smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers; please do not disable them.  If
you notice a safety issue at the cabin that needs our attention, let us know.  Please comply with speed limits.

Member of the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce for 20 years.  Contact the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce if you
need additional lodging or vacation information in the Pikes Peak Region.
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